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Mar, 2015 Blog Posts

Crowdfunding, The New Dawn in Enterprising

A look at crowdfunding as well as the benefits it provides entrepreneurs. Understanding the tools you can utilize to market your campaign.
What is crowdfunding It’s a way of raising capital by asking a large number of people to individually contribute to a set financial goal. It is utilized to fina…… /blog/2015/03/A-brief-summary-of-crowdfunding-and-the-value-it-brings-to-entrepreneurs

How companies incorporate data analysis to better service their Customers interests.

Using data analysis properly is incredibly important for every business. It helps management focus on areas which need improvement while also benefiting the company's customer experience.
The need for companies to maintain a database focusing on customer acquisition and retention is not new. While marketing strategies focus increasingly on building the right campa…… /blog/2015/03/data-analysis

Infrastructure as a Service Guide

A brief explanation of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and a list of the current top providers. A general guide to their pricing as well as their specific advantages and limitations.
What is Iaas IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service): A form of cloud computing where a third-party provider hosts virtualized computing resources online. Infrastructure as a Se…… /blog/2015/03/infrastructure-service-guide

Oculus Rift and the Future of Virtual Reality

The Oculus Rift is on the cutting edge of Virtual Reality. From its successful kickstarter campaign to its two billion dollar purchase by Facebook, the Oculus Rift has placed virtual reality back into the spotlight in a very meaningful way.
Oculus Rift and the future of Virtual Reality Technology is innovating and turning dreams into reality. Virtual reality is something that has been perhaps a result of our ever grow…… /blog/2015/03/oculus-rift-and-future-virtual-reality