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Have an idea for a new startup or system but not sure where to begin or what is needed to make it successful? We are more than happy to assist you in understanding what is needed to make your project a success. BrainiUX has helped numerous companies and start-ups take their ideas and turn them into profitable realities. Let us help you reach your full potential!

Custom Software Development

We build flexible and creative systems which enhance our client's ability to successfully operate, manage and expand their businesses. Our years of experience helps us to understand our client's needs and design/implement solutions custom tailored to their unique situations and goals.

Mobile / Web Applications

We offer a variety of options for our clients to reach their maximum audience. Whether you are looking for a dedicated mobile application for the various app markets or would like to make your website mobile friendly, we have the tools, capabilities and experience to deliver high quality products.

Website Creation

We create beautiful, responsive and interactive websites. Websites are living content which requires constant maintenance. Using a Content Management System makes it surprisingly easy for you to maintain your own website which is why we use our CMS Brainstorm. However, we work with other CMSs currently on the market.

SEO / SEM Management

Finding your product, service or website is more important than ever in our increasingly digital economy. We understand this and integrate every product we build with visibility in mind. From integrating with search engines to maintaining presence on social media, BrainiUX excels at getting your information out to the appropriate audience.


During the process of creating solutions for our client's needs we offer free hosting from our dedicated servers. Once the creation process is complete and ready to be implemented we assist our client in finding the most advantageous hosting service for their specific needs and budgetary concerns.

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